Cheralyn Lambeth Media

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Writing Samples:  Fiction

From 'Twas Halloween Evening (Prospective Press, 2019):

"'Twas Halloween evening, and all through the night

We humans were hunting for zombies to fight.

The weapons were gathered and loaded with care,

Ready to blast any zombies out there..."

'...Their eyes--how they glowered!

Their faces--how scary!

Each nose sunk and black like a half-rotted cherry

Their skin was all tarnished and covered with mold,

And they looked like a horrible sight to behold...."

"...They turned to go slowly, as if moving through tar,

And away they all staggered like drunks from a bar

But I heard one exclaim, as they lurched out of sight

"Happy Halloween, all, and to all a good fright!"